Jake Speyer

Jake Speyer Jake Speyer Jake Speyer  Jake Speyer Jake Speyer Jake Speyer 
Learner Leader Developer Designer  Learner Leader Developer Designer 

Here is a little bit
about myself.

Hoi! My Name Is Jake Speyer -
Developer/ Designer

I specialize in creating attractive user experiences on the web. I am currently pursuing my Software Engineering degree at California Baptist University while working as a freelance web developer/ designer.

Some Of My Interests

Climbing, Hiking, Drums, Games, Music

Ready to stand out online?
I can help!

I have experience utilizing modern web development languages to build out beautiful websites and complex applications.

Web Development Skills

Javascript, WebGL, React, NodeJS, Next, HTML5, CSS

Web Development

UI Design

Cloud Development

Software Architecture

— Projects ✍

Here are some things
I have created.

Digital Design Thinking

  • Publication

Published academic research on the foundations of digital design philosophy in STEM with a team of Engineers.


  • Python
  • Dart
  • GCP
  • Backend
  • Frontend

A food application that matches you with restaurants using Uber's H3 algorithm alongside intelligent preference gathering.


  • Javascript
  • AWS
  • Frontend
  • Backend

A web application used to transmit data from IoT devices to smart phones in a robotics competition.

LinkTree Kit

  • Javascript
  • Frontend

An easy to use library for developers which can be used to create LinkTree clones for clients.

Avatar Builder

  • Dart
  • GCP
  • Frontend
  • Backend

A Flutter library that allows for the creation of unique avatars using Blender assets hosted in the cloud.

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